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JULY 12-20, 2013
Elevation 7400 feet - Water/Plentiful Firewood/Wagon Team & Ice
Early set-up July 10 &11
Registration Deadline: June 9, 2013
The Al Rosenlieb Family Ranch near McFadden, Wyoming

Access to this year’s site has been extended to us by the Wheatland Irrigation
District and Rock River Operating. They have been a pleasure to work with.
However we need to be responsible as we cross their land. Please keep your
speed under 20 mph and stay on the road. We will be posting signs to follow
and remind everyone to slow down even though I know everyone will be excited
to get to camp. If you see anything along the road that doesn’t belong there
(trash, part of someone’s, Etc…) please stop and pick it up. Let’s leave the land
better then we found it as we always do. This is a great opportunity to build
a relationship with a large land owner in southeastern Wyoming.


The Rosenlieb Ranch is owned by the Rosenlieb family. The Cottonwood Creek runs through the center of camp,
located 3 miles south of McFadden, Wyoming

Emergency contact: Carbon County Sheriff 307-324-2776

2013 panoramic view
Booshway Segundo  
Calvin Hall
254 Desmet Drive
Cheyenne, WY 82007

Zeb Jones
Casper, WY
(307) 258-2997
Purser Gate
Sue Page
409 North Lane
Worland, WY 82401
(307) 347-2762
Fay Hall
Casper WY

Horse Camp Chief Trade Chief
TBD "Doc" Bob Eveland
4845 N Antelope
Bar Nunn, Wyoming 82601

Chief Dog Soldier Chief Medic  
Djeanan Dussault

Keith Jones
Mills, WY

site 1
Range Officer (Chief) Seminar Chief
Scott Schneidervinn
Laramie, WY
Kid's Games    
TBD site 3 site 4
If you want to volunteer for any of the TBD jobs, just let Calvin know as soon as you can.

At this time, there is NO FIRE BAN, however, just in case, please bring your propane
stoves, charcoal and above ground fire pits.

ALTITUDE: We are going to be at 7400 feet, so for those of you who have difficulty with
altitude, you might want to check out online to see if there is anything you can do
to be more comfortable before and when you get there. You will need to acclimate
by drinking lots of water and taking it easy for the first few days.

Rocky Mountain National Rendezvous 2013 welcomes everybody across the world and invites everyone to come and experience a primitive rendezvous in the Rocky Mountains. Come enjoy yourselves, play, laugh, tell stories, trade and re-create the history of the Fur Trade. We look forward to seeing all of our old friends and meeting new ones.

Wyoming is hosting this year's RMNR on the Rosenlieb Ranch at the base of the Snowy Range and along the Foote Creek Rim. There are mature cottonwoods and a natural flowing creek on either side of camp. Wonderful grassy meadow for Trader's row and a lot of great sites for camping throughout the trees in both Long and Short term areas. The site is located near McFadden, Wyoming.

We have a full slate of events planned with lots of prizes for competitions, raffle items and seminars. We will strive to provide as much entertainment as possible in order to bring the entire camp together and enjoy all the Pre-1840 fun we can cram into one week. There are many volunteers helping to make this a great rendezvous. If you can help us, please let us know. Our goal is to be safe and make sure everyone has fun!

From your Booshway, Calvin Hall and the Staff

We are now accepting (begging for) pre-registrations. Please send them as soon as possible. We would really appreciate help on the work crews.
If you are available, please contact Calvin or Sue Page and we will put you on the list.


  • Public day(s) will be July 12th and 13th 8a.m.-6p.m. During the remaining time walk-ins are welcome but must be dressed in pre-1840 dress.
  • Parents advise your children not to disturb or climb on existing structures or damage structures with knives or hawks.
  • Should there be any damage or thievery, we will not be accepted back at this ranch.
  • Remember to police your camp and the rendezvous site for garbage. If you see any garbage, candy wrappers, cigarette butts, etc. please pick them up.
  • Areas for our access will be marked on the Camp Map.















Work Party

Work Party

Work Party

Early setup

Early setup

Open to Public

Gate open

Open to public
Opening ceremony

Gate open 8am-6pm















Long term closes 6PM
Short Term
Gate open
8am-11am and 4pm-6pm

Mountain man walk,   Kids games/crafts Seminars, Dice games

Mountain man walk, 
Seminars, Ladies Social, Garage sale


Mountain man walk, Kids games/crafts Seminars, Dice  games                  

Mountain man walk
Ladies tea, Old Farts Games, Cannon shoot, Rummage sale

Mountain man walk,  Kids games/crafts Seminars, Dice games, Mini cannon shoot, Highland games, Old Farts Games

Vehicles allowed noon until 5pm

Opening Ceremonies


Camp meeting


Camp meeting


Closing ceremony 








camp open at 8 am

























Camp Meetings

Opening Ceremonies Sunday July 14th at 7:00 pm
Nominations for RMNR 2015 Tuesday July 16th at 7:00 pm
Elections for RMNR 2015 Thursday July 18th at 7:00 pm
Closing Ceremonies Saturday July 20th at 10:00am
Raffle drawings at every camp meeting

Camp Services

  • The rendezvous work crews will try to cut as much firewood as possible around camp before July 12th.
  • Please help us get the firewood into camp July 10th & 11th.
  • Potable water will be available. Don’t forget to cover your water jugs and you might want to bring some water from home.
  • Creek water can be used for washing, but please use proper precautions.
  • Wagon Team will haul camps, deliver ice and take trash to dumpster for a small fee. Ice wagon through camp daily starting July 13th.
  • Trash dumpster will be provided at the gate. We are planning on a recycling bin for aluminum. Recyclables need to be bagged.
  • The nature of a primitive rendezvous limits handicap accessibility. We are trying to accommodate handicapped participant needs to the best of our ability and still keep the period correctness of rendezvous. Please visibly display your handicapped parking identification in/on your vehicle (without your trailer attached) while in the handicapped parking area or you will be asked to move it. Manual mobility devices only please. Handicap parking will be near the gate and the campsite is mostly level ground.
  • There is a nice area for tin tipis but space is limited. In consideration of all participants, please severely limit the use of generators in your tin tipi (the noise really travels).

LINKS OF INTEREST (just click the link)

  • Competitions
  • Horse Camp
  • Food Vendors
  • Site Specific Rules
  • Long Term Registration/Gate Hours
  • Short term Access/Gate Hours
  • More Trader’s rules
  • Competitions

    Winners of daily events will be awarded prizes at the Shooter’s Tent.
    Aggregate prizes awarded at camp meeting.
    There is a $10.00 Competitor Fee for all ages.
    An adult guardian must accompany Pee Wees, 8 – 11 yrs old.
    Juniors Division, ages 12-17 yrs old, must be supervised by an adult in Rifle/Pistol/Smoothbore.
    All scores are final. Any cheating will result in losing total score. There will be dummy targets.
    Competitor Tent hours M –F 9 AM to 4 PM, but subject to change.

    Hawk and Knife Throw

    Men, Women, Junior Girls, Junior Boys Divisions. Pee Wee, 8 – 11 yrs, Hawk only
    An adult guardian must accompany Pee Wees.
    Course includes both hawk and knife for combined score.
    We have a great challenging hawk/knife trail walk planned.
    No double bladed hawks.
    Knives must be thrown from handle.
    Safety First – Throw Only When All are Clear

    Rifle/Pistol/Smoothbore Trailwalk Competitions

    Men, Women, Junior Girls, Junior Boys, Pee Wee Divisions. No pee wee division in Smoothbore.
    Percussion and Flintlock divisions
    Rifle – 12 metal targets planned
    Pistol – 10 metals targets planned
    Smoothbore – 12 metal targets planned
    Open iron sights only, no peeps, no optics, no painted sights. Patched round ball only. No in-lines.
    Foot must touch stake when shooting.

    Situation Shoot

    Four person teams Men/Women/Juniors timed event.
    This will test your mountain man skills at shooting and different situations mountain men may have encountered. This event will be lots of fun and a must for all shooters.

    Archery Trailwalk Competition

    Men, Women, Junior Girls, Junior Boys, Pee Wee Divisions
    12 targets planned, 3 arrows each target, 3 points for vital, 1 point for body. All arrows must stick for score. Foot must touch stake while shooting. Follow instructions on stakes. All arrows must stick for score.
    Finger tabs and arm guards must be of natural materials. No plastic, rubber, elastic, snaps or Velcro. Rules apply for both Primitive and Pilgrim classes.

    Primitive Class
    Bow must be of natural wood, no laminations, less than 54” long. No arrow shelf. Strings should be of linen, hemp, silk, horsehair, rawhide, or sinew (artificial sinew will be allowed for safety reasons).
    Arrows must be hand-made (no dowels), hand carved nocks, have natural feathers, natural wood or cane. Points must be either sharpened end (no point) or of wood, bone, flat metalmetal. No field points, rocks or broadheads because they cause too much damage to the targets. Hand painted arrows with earth-type paints are encouraged for locating purposes.
    Finger tabs and arm guards must be of natural materials. No plastic, rubber, elastic, or Velcro.

    Pilgrim Class
    Bow must be of natural wood with no laminations. Artificial strings are allowed but no bright colors.
    Arrows must be wood and may be a factory dowel but no plastic knocks or feathers. Metal field points but no broadheads. Painted arrows are encouraged for locating purposes.

    Cannon Shoot

    First, second, and third place prizes. Juniors may assist an adult.
    We will be using a plate metal target about 100 yards. This may be placed on the edge of camp (west of camp), so be prepared for the noise.
    We may have a mortar competition if there is enough interest.
    Eight shots with one practice shot and one volley shot.
    Period correct cannons only, no civil war or breech loaders, no swivel guns unless modified to a carriage (for safety purposes).
    Lead cannon balls only (no cement or shot).
    Powder charges must be pre-wrapped in foil for safety. No loading from a powder can and measure.
    Fuse and powder must be stored in a closed box 25 feet behind cannon when on shooting line.
    Stand to the side of the cannon when loading cannon.
    The Cannon Range Master will inspect for safety and have a mandatory safety meeting at the shooting line prior to the shoot.
    Be prepared with the tools necessary to clear misfires. As always, SAFETY FIRST.
    Cannon Shoot will be Friday, July 20th at noon.


    Kids' Games

    Kids' Games will be going on all week from Monday through Friday 10:00 a.m. to Noon. Check the Bulletin Board in camp to see where.

    Music Venue

    We will be providing a venue at the center of camp for muisic and entertainment. You do not have to bea professional musician to come out and play. We will also be having practice/jam sessions throughout the week to allow everyone a chance to learn new material and enjoy some musical camaraderie.

    Highland Games

    There will be a Caber Toss, Sheaf Toss, Stone Put, Highland Run and Spear Throw. Day and time to be announced.

    Old Fart's Games

    Red Wing's Old Fart's Games will be returning this year with a few new twists and categories.

    Queen of Adult Entertainment

    Kae (Skunk Woman) Jones will be our queen of adult entertainment. NOT THAT KIND! The kids get games so why not the adults? She will also be hosting a camp wide Ladies' Social Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. (Please be aware that this is an ADULT function and may not be for everyone.) She also will be keeping us entertained throughout the rest of the week with all the old rendezvous game favorites.

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    Horse Camp

    We would like to see all that own a horse, bring it to RMNR 2013. Hope to see you there. If you wish to ride into rendezvous, please pre-register & contact the Booshway for maps and access to site. Date and times for horse games will be announced at camp meetings.

    • There should be plenty of grass to graze, but please only CERTIFIED HAY should be brought on the property.
    • No stallions please.
    • Move tethered/grazing animals twice daily to reduce impact.
    • Just like all camps and clothing, non-period gear must be covered.
    • If you are off site, you must put someone in charge of your animals.
    • As with previous insurance coverage at Rendezvous, horse/mule owners are legally liable for their animals.


    Wyoming Livestock Board (307) 777-7515
    Wyoming has had quarantines in the past, so please call for current information. Wyoming requires Coggins and Brand Inspections. A negative Coggins test certificate must be shown to the Horse Camp Chief, at arrival in camp.

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    Food Vendors

    Please contact the Wyoming State Health Dept. 1-866-471-0944 three months in advance for food vendor permits.
    DO NOT serve on paper/styrofoam plates, cups or bowls. No plastic utensils, pre-wrapped, bottled or canned food or drinks. Customers should bring their own plates, cups and utensils to your eatery if you do not supply them.
    Food vendors must supply trash receptacles and have fire extinguishers.
    State license required to sell beer or liquor.

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    Site Specific Rules


    • Closing ceremonies will be Saturday at 10:00 a.m. PLEASE, IF YOU PLAN ON LEAVING ON SATURDAY, HAVE YOUR CAMP PREPARED TO BE LOADED INTO YOUR VEHICLE BEFORE YOU RETRIEVE YOUR VEHICLE. THE GATE WILL OPEN AFTER CLOSING CEREMONY IS CONCLUDED. ALL VEHICLES MUST BE OUT OF CAMP BY 7 P.M. The rendezvous still continues till sunrise Sunday morning. People still wish to rendezvous, so please stay primitive. No music from cars while loading. NO VEHICLES IN CAMP OVERNIGHT No Exceptions. Camp must be empty of traders/campers by Tuesday at Noon, July 23rd. Hooters will also be removed.
    • Fires must be attended, not banked and left to burn-out. Sleeping in your lodge is not attending a fire. Fire watch and dog soldiers have authority to enter your camp, wake you, and put your fires out. Do not leave candles or lanterns unattended inside/outside lodge or tent.
    • If you burn non organic items or organic items in your fire pit (especially bones – coyotes dig them up), dig out the contents and place it in your garbage.
    • Replace sod in your firepits, make sure it's clean of any garbage, and
    • Please scatter your unused firewood outside of the meadows.
    • Please clean up after your animal and keep it quiet. Nuisance critters will be served at pot luck.
    • Plastic water containers and coolers are to be covered at all times, even during transport to refill. This also applies to the transporting of ice through camp.


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    Long Term Registration/Gate Hours

    Work crew only prior to July 10th.
    Wednesday & Thursday,
    July 10
    & 11, 8 AM – 7 PM
    Friday & Saturday,
    July 12
    & 13 8 AM – 5 PM
    July 14 8 AM – 5 PM

    LONG TERM CAMP CLOSES AT 5PM SUNDAY JULY 14th TILLAFTER CLOSING CEREMONIES. Please, if you plan on leaving on Saturday all vehicles must be out of camp by 7 p.m. Period clothing required till daybreak of Sunday July 21st. Long term camps have a two hour loading/unloading time period with the exception of early set-up days and large traders.

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    Short Term Access/Gate Hours

    Monday, July 15th - Friday July 10th 8–10 AM/4–6PM Period clothing required
    Saturday, July 20th AFTER CLOSING CEREMONIES TO 7 PM Period clothing required

    Short term camps have a two hour loading/unloading time period. Period clothing required till daybreak of Sunday July 22nd.

    This year the Trade Committee will award a trophy to the trader whose goods best reflect what would have been brought to the rendezvous or items traded to the Native Americans, 1825-1840.

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    • All trade goods should be of pre-1840 design and materials available in the Rocky Mountain rendezvous era.

    • The Trade Committee is not all knowing but we do have the final say. If you are asked to remove an item, please do so, or have the documentation to verify any item that might be questionable.

    • CDs, books, magazines, patterns, art and music must pertain to 1840 history/era or earlier. Remove any modern package from display item. Stock items in modern packaging must be covered at all times.

    • Wooden guns, swords, knives, rag dolls maybe sold. Kids had toys.

    • The only revolver allowed for sale is the 1836 lever-less Colt Patterson.

    • Furs, hides, claws and animal parts must be in compliance with state, federal and local laws. It is the Trader's responsibility to check with Wyoming Fish, Wildlife & Parks.

    • Photographers, please keep your trappings in the mood of rendezvous.

    • Any Trader who has been asked to remove an item more than once shall be asked to CLOSE SHOP.

    May your trade goods reflect the Spirit of Rendezvous

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Last updated: June 27, 2013
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